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    1. lex

      Oh, you already created a username and password?
      I didn’t recall seeing it.
      Never mind then. Enjoy!

  1. JenniPants

    Let you’re awesome!
    Are you single? Lol 😁

  2. zeroti

    In episode 203 you mentioned 2 audio books. The first was called ” banshee”. The second book u described as “the decomposing body of an eight year old Anna mae”. But the actual title seems to have been overlooked. Please tell me the name of the book about Anna mae.

  3. nelsonbr7

    Hey lex, im apparently not very tech savy lol. I really enjoy the stories and have joined the vip group, but im still having a hard time accessing any more episodes, than the teaser episodes on your podcast. Am i missing something?

  4. Bgillott

    Good morning!
    Earlier this week I paid and registered as a vip member but not yet have gotten an email or anything to confirm this. Just wanting to know what I should be on the look out for!
    Thanks and I love the show!

    1. Lex Wahl

      I don’t know if you are getting my email (check your spam). If you’re able to leave a message here, you are logged in. Please add my email to your contacts ( and check your spam folder for email from anything ghost.

  5. Lex Wahl

    If you’re logged in, there’s nothing of any importance that you missed.

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